Jazz is an up-tempo energetic form of dance that includes a variety of sharp movements and lines.  Classes include a specific vocabulary of steps unique to the dancer and the teacher/choreographer.


Jazz 5-7 Monday 6:00 PM Miss Chloe
Jazz 5-7 Wednesday 5:00 PM Miss Michelle
Jazz 5-7 Saturday 1:00 PM Miss Shannon
Jazz 7-10 Tuesday 4:15 PM Miss Natalie
Jazz 7-10 Thursday 5:15 PM Miss Melissa
Jazz 7-10 Saturday 2:15 PM Miss Michelle
Int Jazz 8-10* Tuesday 4:15 PM Miss Emily
Jazz 11+ Teen Tuesday 8:15 PM Miss Kellsie
Jazz 11+ Teen Thursday 8:15 PM Miss Melissa
Jazz 11+ Teen Saturday 1:15 PM Miss Michelle
Int Jazz 11+ Teen* Tuesday 6:15 PM Miss Stephanie
Int Jazz 11+ Teen* Thursday 7:15 PM Mister Tim

 *  All Intermediate classes must have teacher permission