ZOOM Classes

Our online only classes that are available for dancers throughout the week.

Our online only classes are described below: 

Dance Zoomer: Looking for an online only option for class? Come join the party with us as we dress-up, sing songs, and dance away some energy!

Zoom Sampler: Is your dancer interested in trying a new genre of dance? Zoom sampler classes are perfect for you. These classes are technique based and fun for all dancers who attend. yThe style of dance and teacher will change throughout the year so check back in to see who's teaching and give it a try. No experience necessary!

Adult Zoom: Classes for parents and adults. These classes are dynamic in movement, general movement. No prior experience needed! These are fun classes geared to improve health/fitness, coordination, and overall well-being.


2020-21 Classes





Dance Zoomer (5-7 ) Thu 5:00-5:45pm Miss Natalie
Zoom Sampler (7-10) Wed 5:15-6:15pm Various
Zoom Sampler (7-10) Thu 5:45-6:45pm Miss Natalie
Zoom Sampler (11+ Teen) Wed 6:15-7:15pm Various
Adult Zoom Wed 7:45-8:45pm Miss Kari-Lee