K-Pop / Hip Hop Fitness

If you love Korean pop culture, come take our K-Pop dance class where you'll learn the latest moves to K-Pop music hits! This is an open-level class, all dances levels are welcome!

The Hip Hop Fitness class is suitable for adults, and mature kids with parent consent, however we do use the clean versions of our music or content.

We work simple patterns of choreography that repeat throughout the song. You follow along to pick up the moves, and either within the class time, or a few weeks, you’ll pick it up! We explain basic body awareness and placement so your hips move like Beyoncé.


2022-23 Classes





Hip Hop Fitness (11-Adult) Tue 6:00-7:00pm Miss Natalie
K-Pop (10-Adult) Thu 7:15-8:15pm Miss Natalie