2021 New Rotating Schedule Ws

Welcome to our 2020-21 Dance Season! We look forward to a great year.

Please note, we are strictly following the WA State Guidelines for our safe return to classes. 

Currently, dancers will have the option to choose dance in a way that they and their families are most comfortable with.

What is the process when you come to the studio? We have a video rundown here. 

A Hybrid classes are also available for classes.

  • For those dancers that would like to dance in the studio- classes will have a rotating schedule (link here to rotating schedule).
  • Each dancer will be assigned a group and will have the opportunity to attend in person classes on their assigned group day only. This will be a fluid schedule and will be dependent on the # of dancers enrolled in each class.
  • In person classes will be limited. This number is dependent on the WA State Guidelines and may change at any time.
  • Dancers will participate in classes via Zoom on the days they are not assigned to attend in person.
  • Dancers do not have to dance in person if they do not feel safe doing so.

Some classes may be held virtually only due to special circumstances. These classes will be clearly marked on our schedule.

All Classes may also be taken Virtually.