Weekly Update














Hello Dancers and Dancer Families!

OUR FIRST WEEK of classes is wrapping up tonight.  It has definitely had
some hectic moments, but every bit of our work has been worth it just to see
our dancers in person again!!! We missed you all SO MUCH!

ATTENDANCE TAKING:  Teachers will be taking attendnce in class for both online and in-person dancers. If you miss a class plese contact the front desk for a video of the class. We are not holding makeups at this dtime since there are recordings of the all classes.  

Please note: ROTATING GROUP CHANGE REQUESTS will not be accommodated.  Please understand that assigning groups is a complicated process and has been done thoughtfully.  A change for one dancer will likely have an effect on other dancers.  If dancers have questions about this, please feel free to contact the front desk and we will be happy to explain it this in details. 

PARENT VIEWING:  Since there is no in-studio viewing at this time, we invite
parents to view the classes via Zoom while waiting in the car or from home.
Teachers are aware that viewing is available through Zoom and may double check that you are a parent of a dancer. We take our online privacy nd student safety very seriously. 

Please feel free to invite friends to sign-up, dance is always more fun ith friends! We still offer a free trial class in person or online. The more the merrier!

We want to close by reminding each of you that we are so thankful you are a part of our community. We often say that Gotta Dance is much more than a business, that is a FAMILY...and we truly mean it.  We are so grateful to begin our 30th year together!!