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This pandemic has shifted and redefined dance education as we know it. In our studio, dance classes are successful online, so here are some tips from Gotta Dance to get the most out of your online dance education. 

  • Before logging in: 

    • Spend a couple of minutes before classmaking sure your camera and microphone are working. It is also a good idea to keep a charger nearby just in case anything happens! 

  • Have (or make) a space designed for your dance class: 

    • Having a designated space to dance- no matter how big or small, is a way to keep your routine consistent. Your space should be at least large enough to move, turn, stretch out, and should try to be just yours for the hour class you have. 

  • Have (or make) a space free of distractions: 

    • Animals and family members are fun, but make sure that when you are Zooming, you are in a space that is marked yours for the hour. 

  • Make sure to wear the appropriate dance clothes and shoes. 

    •  No matter where you are, you are in dance class. To be able to move fully and safely, you need the right type of shoes and attire for the class.

  • Keep water nearby: 

    • There is nothing more important than staying hydrated while you dance! Make sure to keep a water bottle nearby where you can quickly access it during class without any distractions.

  •  Turn your video on

    • Participation is key in your dance classes! The only way for you to grow in your classes is for your teacher to be able to see you and give you corrections. 

Knowing and practicing these tips should make your dance experience flow easier as you or your child adjust to Zoom classes. The less distractions and the more prepared they are for class, the easier online class will be!