Weekly Update

Hello Dancers & Families!

We are now almost a month into the school year and we want to update you with a few items that on our calendar and answer any questions you may have. Here are a few items for your review: 

1. It's Bring-A-Friend-To-Dance Week! If your son or daughter has a friend they love to spend time with or someone that has been wanting to try dance class, bring them in with you for a FREE CLASS!

2. DRESS CODE: It is imperative that dancers come inteh appropriate dance attire. Someimtes its great to keep a bag inteh car with a pair of leggings and sweatpants with a fitting shirt for emergencies. Going forward we will be unable to have dancers come into class if dressed inappropriately. 

3. MEASUREMENTS: All students will be measured in classes over the next week or two. The measurements are for costumes. All students are measured the same at the beginning or end of class.  

4. SHOW DATES: Just a reminder that the 5-7 and under classes will have their performances on December 14th and the 7-10 and up class will perform on January 18th. It’s still some time away, but something to keep in mind.

5. COMMUNITY DANCE DAY is on Sunday, October 13th. This fun day of free classes is the perfect way for dancers to bring friends and a great way for new dancers to try different styles. We will have more details available about it and flyers posted on the bulletin boards soon. Make sure to mark your calendars!


As always if you have any questions contact us via phone at 425.861.5454 or email at gottadance@gttadance.com. Have an amazing week!