In case you missed something! Here area a couple items going on at Gotta Dance that we want to be sure you are aware of:

ENROLLMENT DATES: Registration for the 5-7 and under classes (with the exception of Creative Movement) will close at the end of the evening TONIGHT. The 7-10 and up classes will stay open through November 5th.

TRIAL OR MAKE-UP CLASSES: Please make sure to schedule you make-up classes with the front desk. This helps us keep track of who is in what class and how many students are in each room. We need to keep track of both trial and make-up classes for all dancers. 

DECEMBER SHOW LETTERS were sent out on October 5th. You should have received one for each of your classes. Please go over the information with your families right away, and more than once. The notes contain a lot of important information and we want to do our best to be sure that the details are understood.

DECEMBER COSTUME PAYMENTS are processing as we speak. The costume payments are non-refundable. Please let us know by the end of today if anyone has informed you that they will not be participating in their show. 

HALLOWEEN CLOSURE: Please remind your Thursday classes that there will be no class on Halloween.

COMMUNITY DANCE DAY: Thank you to those dancers and families who joined us for dance day! It was a great day…new faces and current students had the best time in your classes!!

Thank you for being part of our GD Family!