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Happy November Everyone!

DECEMBER COSTUMES: We will be trying on costumes during classes starting this week! Please note that we will not be trying on customes until ALL costumes have arrived for that class. No one likes a sad dancer who watches the others try on their costumes. If your dancers costumes is looked at in class this week it will be the following week or so. Teachers must see all costumes on their dancers and verify fit before they are allowed to leave the studio. 

JANUARY SHOW LETTERS: We are finalizing a few details and sending out letters this week. You will receive a copy of each letter along with your classes. Please read through each of them and be familiar with the information. Teacehrs will review the details with your dancers right away. 

JANUARY SHOW PARTICIPATION: We need to know right away if a dancer will not be performing in January. Please come to the desk, so we can be sure to mark it in our records. If they tell you, but the front desk is not informed, you might be charged the non-refundable costume fee. WE WANT TO AVOID THIS! So please let us know as soon as possible. 

JANUARY COSTUMES: Families have until November 13th to let us know if they will NOT be performing in the January shows. We will be ordering costumes and processing payment for all dancers who have not notified us differently on November 14th. Costumes are non-refundable, so this is a very important deadline to keep in mind. 

NOVEMBER 5TH ENROLLMENT CUT-OFF: Tomorrow is the last day for our 7-10 and up dancers to enroll in classes or make changes in their current schedules. 

WATCH WEEK continues through Thursday, November 7th. Blinds are open for parent viewing. 

DRESS CODE: Please be sure that your dancers are dressed in the appropriate clothing and shoes each week. As shows approach, it is crucial that each dancer owns the proper shoes… We have had issues with some dancers not following our dress code after being reminded repeatedly. If this is the case, teachers will speak to dancers about it and then send them to the front desk rather than letting them come into class dressed inappropriately. 

THANKSGIVING BREAK: Remind your classes that we will be closed Tuesday, November 26th – Sunday, December 1st for Thanksgiving!

That’s it for this week. Thanks so much for being an awesome part of our dance family…we appreciate you!!