Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!

Wellfirst things first, we need to address the matter of the CORONAVIRUS. GD is following the precautionary measures suggested by the World Health Organization. We have sent an email out to all families today and posted this on our website.

There will be hand sanitizer in each studio, and we ask you to encourage use at the beginning and end of each class. Teachers will be provided with Purell hand sanitizing wipes to be used on the door handles and bars at the end of each class. 

CLASS ENROLLMENT: Registration has closed for all classes, with the exception of the new Hip Hop 5-7 classes. 

DRESS CODE: Be sure that all dancers are wearing the appropriate shoes and clothing to all classes! We have seen tap shoes with laces in some tap/ballet combination classes and this cannot be allowed. Dancers who are not in proper dresswill be sent to the front desk rather than allowing them to take your class. 

SHOW DATES AND TIMES should be announced later this week. We are working hard to get the show information letters put together but as you can see other matters have demanded our attention. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we get through all of the details. 

Thank you for being part of our team…you are all amazing!!