Hi Everyone!

Last week went by so quickly and smoothly with no snow and no show to prepare for! 

NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT is happening now. All classes (except Tap) currently have open registration. We have been welcoming a number of new dancers and current dancers adding new classes, so look for some new faces coming through your doors. 

MEASUREMENTS: Teachers will be measurin new dancers in class as they join during our enrollment period. This ONLY new dancers because costumes purchased in November are used for the entire year. 

MAKE-UP CLASSES: Dancers must pre-schedule all make-up classes. If a dancer is not on the attendance sheet for the day, Teachers will send them to the front desk to sign them up properly. For both liability and attendance record purposes, we must be aware of any dancer who is participating in a class. 

PARENT COMMUNICATION: We are aware that parents often have questions and would like to communicate with teachers between classes. Teachrs time should be spent with the dancers and we would like to avoid conversations during your teaching hours. Please feel free to bring questions to the front desk. 

BRING A FRIEND TO CLASS WEEK: starts on Saturday, February 1st. Please invite your dancers to bring a friend to class with them from February 1st – 7th. We ask that friends sign in at the front desk and borrow necessary shoes before entering the classroom.

VIEWING WEEK is Saturday, February 1st – Friday, February 7th. Blinds should always be open for the Creative Movement, Tap/Ballet 3-4 and 4-5 classes. 5-6 and older classes should have viewing on just the 1st class of each month and at other times per teacher's discretion (if Grandma is visiting from out of town, etc). 

COMPETITION SEASON was kicked off this weekend at Spotlight! Congratulations go out to our Team instructors and dancers…we are so PROUD of all of you! 

WELCOME DEANNA EDEN!! We are excited to welcome another instructor to our GD family. Deanna joined us last week and will be teaching on Mondays from 4:00-7:15. We hope you will get the chance to meet her soon!!

That’s it for now. I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for being part of the family!