Wkly Update













Hi and Happy Monday!!

Since we are getting settled back in and don’t have any big events coming soon, I promise to keep this one short and sweet. 

BRING A FRIEND WEEK: Don't forget to bring your buddy with you to class this week and they can try class with you FOR FREE! Stop by the front desk to borrow the appropriate shoes and w'll get you on teh attendance for the day. Can't wait to meet your bestie!

WATCH WEEK: It is also Watch Week! If you have time stay and check out what your dancer is learning. THey always love their mom/dad/grandma/grandpa to see all their hard work! Ends Feb 7th.

CLASS REGISTRATION: Registration will be open through February 24th. If you have any friends that want to join your dancer, please have the call us at 425-861-5454 or just show up a few mminutes before class time and we will get you squared away!

COSTUMES: Teachers will be taking measurements for new dancers at this time. If they were in a different class earlier in the year, this will already have been taken care of. Please be sure to let the front desk know if your dancer  was in class this fall, but still needs a costume (because they did not participate in the winter show) or if your dancer did not do the show, but already has their costume. It gets a little confusing, and we appreciate your help in confirming these details…we want to be sure  no one is missed!

SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION is now open. There are flyers on the bulletin boards and at the desk. Camps are for dancers ages 3-11 and Dance Extreme is for experienced dancers ages 8-12. Please encourage your families to join these weeks of SUMMER DANCE FUN!

That’s all I have for now. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that we appreciate you!!