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At Gotta Dance, we see a lot of young dancers anxious to do their best. Their group has put a lot of work into their routine and this day is a big deal for them. Some children won't even realize how fun and exciting it will be until you arrive at the performance center. That being said, whether it's the first recital or the fourth, we want your child to be successful, and we want them to do great in their moment to shine. Nerves are going to be a factor, but as a parent you want to make sure your son or daughter is having fun and excited to be there.

Three Recital Tips:

1. Plan to arrive at the place of the performance early (20-30 minutes): When we say there will be enough tension, no need to waste energy on worrying about time. Also, arriving early gives your kid some times to focus and stay calm about going on stage. 

2. Bring any costumes and accessories you THINK go with the outfit, It's better to be safe than sorry. Labelling everything with your childs name on it, first inital and last name on masking tape work great. There are many students backstage your child will be waiting with many other kids who wear the same sizes or close to it. 

3. Bring boredom busters! The waiting game for dance recitals can be long. So bring some things to pass the time, but nothing too loud. Load up a few games on their iPod or tablet. Give them a movie with wome headphones, a book works great, or a small game to play with other kids. They will be able to watch the recital backstage on a TV however there are many kids and sometimes that's not quite enough to keep their attention.

On Recital Day!

To avoid running around when you’re family is leaving home for the recital, have a dance recital checklist on hand. In addition to your child's costume and shoes, there are a few other items you’ll want to put on that recital packing list:

1. Extra tights: You really don’t want your child having to deal with ripped tights. Bring an extra pair; you might save another parent from going bonkers, too.

2. Clear nail polish or Hairspray: In the event that second pair of tights starts to run, clear nail polish or in a pinch hairspray can save the day.

3. Bandaids: Scraped knees and blisters are a part of dancer life. Bring something to solve the issue. Bonus tip:invisible adhesive bandages are one of our favorites).

4. Hangers: Haang up the costume as soon as possible so it doesn’t wrinkle.

5. Safety pins: These come in handy for last minute costume adjustments.

6. Baby wipes and/or tissues: Whether it's makeup adjustments of a runny nose, this will save you many races to the bathroom.

7. Cosmetics/hairspray: Even if you do your child’s and hair makeup ahead of time, always bring makeup  and hairspray for last-minute fixes. Kids will be kids and makeup and hairstyles tend not to last too long.

8. Stain remover pen: Again, kids can be messy…and with your luck someone will spill on your child’s leotard five minutes before it’s time to go on stage. Simple solution, stain remover pen. 

9. Bottled water: Not only do they need to stay hydrated but it's important to not soda or juice that could stain the costume. Plus, being backstage for a hour to hour and a half, they will eventually become thirsty.

10. Snacks: Your child will be waiting before or after his/her performance. This time period is usually an hour and a half. Pack them a granola bar or some small snacks baggies, such as raisins, little crackers, banana chips. Please don't bring nuts, as with school environments some students are allergic and we want everyone to have a great performance.

Gotta Dance has been one of the top studios in the Seattle area for many years and recital time is the most exciting part of the year. Preparing for dance recitals is part of our job, and giving you tips so your child is prepared can only make their recital that much more fun and pain-free!

We will see you soon!