Gotta Dance News!

  • Make the Most of Dance Class!

    Make The MOstof Dance Class

    Is your child a returning dancer for the 2019-2020 fall session? Or is it their first class? No matter what stage your family is in the dance journey we want you to make the most of classes this year.

  • What's the Best Age for My Child to Start Dance?

    Child Age Dance

    What's The Best Age For Kids To Start Dance? Is it 2, 9, or 15? None of the above according to our studio owner Maggie Mitchell-Wagner.

  • What Class is Right for Your Child?

    What Dance Class

    We all know that every time you watch Frozen there's a dance party with imaginary ice thrown about the living room. Or if your child is older and is always watching the YouTube video to learn the coolest move one TikTok™. But do you ever wonder which class you should enroll your child in?