Gotta Dance News!

  • Bring Your Friend Week, Ages 7+

    Bring Your Friends

    We are happy to invite you to bring a friend to your class from October 24th – 30th. Share your love of dance and introduce your friends to Gotta Dance!

  • 17 Ways to Get an A+

    Girl -doing -the -exercise -of -math

    Is your child driven to get good grades? We all push for our kids to be the best they can be. HERE are 17 ways you can help them be the best dance student. This advice is given from the infinitely famous New York City Rockettes from Radio City Music Hall.

  • Mid-October Update!


    In case you missed it, here are a few items to be aware of this week and coming up. 

  • Community Dance Day

    Com Dance Day

    Has your child ever wanted to try dance but you seem to keep missing the classtime? You're in luck! We have a FREE Community Dance Day! Check out the schedule and see which class is the right fit for your child.

  • Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    We are now almost a month into the school year and we want to update you with a few items that on our calendar and answer any questions you may have. Here are 5 items to be aware of.

  • Bring A Friend To Dance Class!

    Bring AFriend

    No matter what age, it's always more fun dancing with a friend. Bring your childs best bud to class, FOR FREE! Here's all the info you need to know.


  • First Week Reminders!


    We are so excited to start the school year! This is a busy time and we hope that you are ready for the BEST dance year yet. We know you are getting back into the swing of things. As you re-establish your flow we wanted to remind you of a couple things regarding studio policies and a few important dates. 

  • Make the Most of Dance Class!

    Make The MOstof Dance Class

    Is your child a returning dancer for the 2019-2020 fall session? Or is it their first class? No matter what stage your family is in the dance journey we want you to make the most of classes this year.

  • What's the Best Age for My Child to Start Dance?

    Child Age Dance

    What's The Best Age For Kids To Start Dance? Is it 2, 9, or 15? None of the above according to our studio owner Maggie Mitchell-Wagner.

  • What Class is Right for Your Child?

    What Dance Class

    We all know that every time you watch Frozen there's a dance party with imaginary ice thrown about the living room. Or if your child is older and is always watching the YouTube video to learn the coolest move one TikTok™. But do you ever wonder which class you should enroll your child in?