Amy Tuck Bw WsAmy Tuck

Amy has quite the resume to her name. For her training, she was a member of Rachael Poirer’s pre-professional Company and a graduate of the internationally recognized University of Utah’s modern dance department. Through this training, she has developed dance curriculum for public schools, been a revered instructor and core faculty member at Ballet Nova Center for Dance, and a choreographer and teacher for IDT. Throughout her 19 years of teaching, she has been awarded many times for her chorography and acknowledged for her amazing progress in improving students technique while building their confidence up.
We are excited to have Amy help our dancers continue to grow into their fullest selves!

 Amy looks forward to choreographing for Gotta Dance’s Performing Team. Amy is dedicated to educating and mentoring dancers in a positive, caring, yet challenging environment, where they can learn, grow, and take risks.