COVID-19 Safety Protocols

These are what we have implemented at Gotta Dance

Gotta Dance is following the WA State protocol for Safe Return to the Studio 

Please note the new measures we have in place to keep everyone safe.  Our priority has been, and still is, the safety and health of our students, instructors, and Gotta Dance Staff. 

Here is our Saftey Video for entering Gotta Dance.

 Will classes be in-person or online

Please note, we are strictly following the WA State Guidelines for our safe return to classes. 

Currently, dancers will have the option to choose dance in a way that they and their families are most comfortable with.

A Hybrid classes are also available for classes.

  • For those dancers that would like to dance in the studio- classes will have a rotating schedule (link here to rotating schedule).
  • Each dancer will be assigned a group and will have the opportunity to attend in person classes on their assigned group day only. This will be a fluid schedule and will be dependent on the # of dancers enrolled in each class.
  • In person classes will be limited. This number is dependent on the WA State Guidelines and may change at any time.
  • Dancers will participate in classes via Zoom on the days they are not assigned to attend in person.
  • Dancers do not have to dance in person if they do not feel safe doing so.

Some classes may be held virtually only due to special circumstances. These classes will be clearly marked on our schedule.

All Classes may also be taken Virtually.

WA State Guidelines we now have in place: 

  • All our staff has been educated and trained to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 
  • Gotta Dance Safety Video is available on our website and Facebook page for all families to   review the Gotta Dance Safe Return to the Studio.
  • All Staff and Dancer Families must sign a waiver prior to returning to the studio acknowledging the new COVID procedures and commitment to follow the procedures in place.  
    • Waiver may be emailed to the studio or handed in upon initial return to the studio. 
    • No one will be permitted to enter the facility without a signed waiver. 
  • Entrance into our facility will be one person at a time, waiting six- feet apart 
  • Enter the building through front door, up the ramp marked six feet distance 
    • Wait until you are instructed to proceed inside the building 
    • Dancers will be Dropped off and Picked up Only 
  • Parents must wait in the parking lot until the dancer has been cleared to enter
  • Dancer or Gotta Dance staff will call/ text parent 
      • As per Washington Guidelines there will be a limited number of people allowed the building at one time 
        • Dancers age 5 and under  
          • Limit - one parent per dancer 
          • Once Dancer is in the class- parent will exit the building. Parents may wait in the car and watch the class via Zoom 
      • All Instructors, Staff, Dancers, Guardian(s) Must Check-in upon arrival at facility 
      • Check in- Monitor Screening Station to Include:  
        • No Contact Temp Check (must be under 99.0) 
        • Have you had a fever in past 48 hours? 
        • Have you had a loss or taste or smell? 
        • Do you have sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath? 
        • Have you experienced any vomiting, diarrhea in last 24 hours? 
        • Have you been in close contact or cared for someone with COVD-19? 
        • Record all information on Daily Monitoring Sheet 
        • If Positive symptoms are reported- individual may not participate or continue into facility  
      • All Instructors, Staff, Dancers, Guardian(s) must then use hand sanitizer before proceeding to the next holding spot.  
      • The Lobby Area will be closed to visitors 
      • All Dancers should arrive 5 minutes early to complete the screening process.
        • Due to the safety of all dancers, a dancer will not be allowed into class if a dancer is late (5 minutes or more.)


  • All Dancers, Staff, Visitors must wear a cloth face covering to enter our facility and worn throughout our facility.   
  • Dancers must bring their own water, & food- The Breakroom is now closed 
  • Dancer must come dressed in proper dance attire. There will be no changing. The bathroom changing area is now closed. 
  • Dancers will be asked to wait on designated spots (marked six feet apart) No socializing will be allowed outside of designated spots. 
  • Always maintain six-foot social distancing  
  • All dancer must follow all our safety protocols.  
    • *Please note, dancers who do not follow the WA State Return to the Studio Protocols will be asked to leave the studio immediately. Parent(s) will be called to return to the studio at once to pick up his/her dancer. 


  • All Dancers will lineup outside the designated studio on one of the social distancing markers placed on the floor  
  • Instructor will invite each dancer inside the studio one dancer at a time  
  • Instructor will direct each dancer to the designated spot in the dance room 
  • Place the dance bag on the designated place marker inside the studio 
  • Dismissal from class 
    • Instructor will dismiss dancers one at a time 
    • Dancers will wait at each designated holding marker until it is his/her turn to exit the building 
    • Exit the building through the front door and down the stairs  


  • Hand sanitizers are available throughout the facility for staff and dancers 
  • Trash Cans and tissues are also available throughout building 
  • After each class, the instructors will disinfect the dance studio in preparation for the next class  
  • Restroom will be disinfected every hour 
  • Deep cleaning will take place each evening when the studio is closed 

 Locker room/Restroom & Breakroom 

  • The main bathroom will be limited to 3 dancers at a time to comply with the six-feet social distancing 
    • Every other stall has been marked closed  
    • Sinks have been marked six feet apart 
    • There will be one way in and one way out 
    • The Breakroom will remain closed 
    • The locker room will remain closed 
    • The Lost and found containers have been discontinued